Our Approved Covid-19 Position

This global pandemic, given much attention by the media, has put estate planning to the forefront for many people. Lots of people are thinking about their our own mortality.  Now is a good time to ensure your estate planning documents are in place and up to date. We advocate that it is always a good time to get your estate planning accomplished.

Ideally trying to resolve this matter presently, presents unique challenges.

  • Estate Planning is important
  • Estate planning protects you while you are alive and distributes your assets upon your demise.
    • For decades Estate Planning was basically providing for people and/or organization/institutions – after passing.
    • At Bequest Law, we have expanded the process to protect you and your wishes in case an unplanned disaster occurs now or in the unforeseeable future.
  • We have been meeting effectively by phone and virtual, with clients ever since the virus showed up in the United States. Although, some clients have even considered putting off planning until after the threat has subsided. Then again,, some clients feel the urgency of the moment, because, the sensitivity and uncertainty of the times necessitates the planning process begins now.
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We are here for you, either way! But we must work as safely and responsibly, as is required by health and government mandates. In fact, some form of social distancing is probably here to stay. We want to protect your safety and make you feel, as secure, as possible. 

We have a instituted protocols to address the adversities, and yet, provides flexibility, to meet your desired outcomes. Our protocols can be accomplished in just a few short remote style meetings, and at a reasonable cost. We are always enthusiastic about meeting with you, “within safety regulations”, now and for the duration of the virus outbreak.

…be vigilant, prepared, safe, and, don’t panic!


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